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Amazing simple laundry tips for winter clothes


Winter is here and it's time to put on the cumbersome coats, scarves, hats, gloves, boots and jackets. But with these winters comes laundry services too - doing a lot of laundry is no easy task! Of course, no laundry routine is complete without laundry tips to make your life easier.

v Clean woolen clothes properly

Woolen clothes require special maintenance during the washing process as well as drying – another laundry related problem winter brings with it! To clean woolen clothes, use lukewarm or lukewarm water instead of hot water. Wool is an absorbent fabric that needs to be washed comfortably in order to avoid spoilage or stretching too much. When drying woolen clothes, make sure they don't hang - don't forget to put them in the dryer! When it comes to washing them, it is important to read the label of the wool fabric before putting any type of wool in the laundry! Washing wool the wrong way can also cause damage and shrinkage.

v Carefully separate your dirty clothes to prevent fabric damage

This hot laundry tip may sound like common sense, but it's so much more important that it's worth repeating. When washing different clothes at the same time, try to stick to clothes that are easily washed. For example, wool coats are often dry clean only, while some wool jackets can be lightly hand washed in cold water without any problems. By grouping laundry together, you will be able to prevent the damage that can damage your warm clothes. When washing hot clothes, very rough or lightly hot water should be used.


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