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Cleaning School Uniform by following some steps


School dress cleaning is a very important part as children whipped this in class and also in the playground. Sometimes we do not get time for cleaning school dress. But as it’s regular wear, it gets dirty very quickly. So, it needs to be cleaned properly. Otherwise, dust and sweat can spread various skin infections. 

Clean school  uniform by following some steps:

Categorizes the fabrics:  At first categorized the school uniform according to its fabric as different fabrics need different care. If the dress is normal fabrics it should be washed in normal detergent and cold water. If the dress is a blazer or suit it needs extra care.

Washing The Clothes: After categorizing the dresses they should be washed with detergent according to the fabrics of the dress. Before washing, we should check if there is any stain on the clothes. If there are any stains, they should be removed at first. Then wash the dresses. And here is another tips that is - Use lemon or vinegar or indigo to whiten white fabrics.

Ironing the uniform: This is the last step of laundering the school uniforms. The wrinkle that appears after washing the dresses will be removed after ironing. Many times the bad smell of sweat remains even after washing clothes. But after ironing the dresses, it becomes completely clean and tidy.

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