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Do Always Need to wash New Clothes Before Wear?


Shopping is always a favorite thing for all of us. We buy our favorite dresses, cosmetics, or any other things according to our choice. Most of the time after buying clothes, their glossiness is more. Especially like the perfect white T-shirt, boots or heeled boots, Silk type clothes, party wear, and so on. But do you know how to wear them?

Before wearing any type of new clothes for the first time, Do you need to wash them?

Well, the answer will be ‘YES’, according to the dermatologist. As the clothes are new and, therefore, it has to be clean. But before coming to your hand, each item may be tried on by strangers. Or if you bought it from online, it was handled by the team of the company or delivery man and spent time in a box before arriving in your arms. So, what do you think now? Should it be washed before wear or not?

Skin Irritation

Normally new clothing contains stain repellents, color fasteners, anti-wrinkle agents, softness enhancers, and any number of other chemical treatments and finishes. This can cause skin irritation problems to the skin. Usually, these chemicals won’t bother you. If you don’t have sensitive skin. But if you have sensitive skin this could irritate your skin and, in many cases, this can cause a rash on your skin and it can last for several weeks. 

Nowadays clothing manufacturers company don’t disclose any of the processing and finish that they use to customers according to the rules, and many of the chemical materials that are used in the clothing can have little or no investigation to back up their safety and security. The materials that they use could pose health risks to people, and they could also end up in the air and water supplies, where they could do further damage. 

Do you know the fact?

Do you know that new clothes are more used than you believe? Just imagine,  from where you buy your new clothing or other stuff, usually, they’ve been touched by huge sets of hands before being yours. Would you want an unknown to touch your skin? Most probably not. But their hands and germs remained on the clothing, and that will go on you. So it only makes sense to wash the clothing before wearing it.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Process of New Clothing

When it is about to take the decision about the method that will use when washing your new clothes, pay attention to the label and materials carefully. If ‘Dry Cleaning’ is recommended then clean your new attire with this method and then you can wear it without any tension. But if dry cleaning is not recommended then wash your clothes with detergent or disinfect with normal water. And then it is germ-free.

If you went shopping during your lunch break and located the right piece to wear for an hour after work, it’s fine to wear it without washing unless you've got super-sensitive skin, you likely won't face any major consequences. But make this a rare occurrence, and make certain to scrub your new clothing before wearing it most of the time.

So, At last, what do you think about cleaning new clothes?

Obviously, the answer should be ‘YES’. Then read the label first and wash the newly bought Clothing items by following the instruction and spray your favorite perfume on the clothing. This will feel fresh and new dress that you have bought from the seller. The cloth will love you and you will love your new clothes.

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