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Do You Have Any Misconceptions About Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services in London? Burst the Myths.


Each time we decide to start the laundry task, we get perplexed. And due to the minor yet pertinent things like if the fabric on the clothes will remain intact if use cleaners or stain removers? Do the cleaners work on stains? 


We have to be careful while washing. People also have some misconceptions about the usage of detergents.  


Following are the tips that the best dry cleaners in London will suggest. What you should use and what are the things to keep in mind while washing your clothes. These are helpful tips that ensure long life and will retain the shine of your clothes.  


Use of Fabric Softener 


We often use fabric softeners, but how much we should use them? It is a general query. Fabric softener makes the clothes soft and fluffy, there is no doubt about it, but clothes might get susceptible to damage if we use it too much. The fabric softener can weaken the texture of the clothes and can also tear or damage it. With time, your clothes can get more indecipherable, and subsequently, it gets difficult to remove the stains. 


The washing machine can shrink the clothes


Some clothes are made of fabric that can shrink after the first wash. It is best to soak the unstitched fabric before you send it to the tailor to finally start stitching a cloth out of it. A washing machine does not cause shrinking, it is a material that shrinks. Generally, Cotton, linen or Rayon have more chances to shrink than nylon or polyester clothes.


Quantum of Detergent you should use 


People think more the amount of detergent they will put in their washing machine, the clothes will get cleaner. It is a common misconception. Extra detergent does not mean extra cleaning of the clothes. Only a certain quantity of detergent that is advised is sufficient and any excess detergent should be left as a residue on your clothes. If your detergent is not cleaning your clothes, advice is to get the powerful one. 


Removal of Dirt 


Dirt is like sandpaper. The more it is rubbed against each other, fibers can get damaged and break over time. Regular washing can remove the dirt but not completely, while dry cleaning removes it completely.


Follow the steps below to remove the dirt stain 


1. Wait for the dirt of mud stain to get dried completely: We often hurry up to wipe the dirt as soon we saw it on our clothes, but do not hurry? If you try to remove the stain when it is still wet, the stains can immerse deep into the fabric, and it then gets more difficult to clean.


2. Scrape off the excess dirt or mud: Once the stains are dried, gently scrape off the clumps of dirt that you find on the surface of the clothing item.


3. Soak the stain in detergent and leave it for fifteen minutes: Rub the liquid detergent on the stain and leave it for 15 minutes. Rub the stains after 3-5 minutes that would allow detergent to clean the debris.


4. Leave the stain remover to settle for around 5 minutes: Before you put your clothes in the washing machine, apply a stain remover on the area and rub it.


5. It is best to read the laundering tag that you find inside the clothing item. The tag has instructions on what you can or cannot do with that particular piece to clean it in the best way. For instance. before you use the chlorine bleach, check the tag to ascertain it does not any damage to the fabric.


6. Water can make the thread of your cloth swell and increase its size. Regular stretching can damage and turn the fabric out of shape. The delicate fabrics, expensive suits and silk clothes also require dry cleaning. 


Dry cleaning keeps the fabric intact 


The dry-cleaning process helps the fabric of the clothes stay more intact. However, dry cleaning is not always necessary, so we suggest checking the labels first as there is a purpose behind it. Fabric can get damaged if we do not show our discrete. If a garment is labelled "Do not dry clean", do not opt for it. It means that fabric has a special coating that can get removed if these clothes are dry cleaned. Washing your clothes can help increase the life of the clothes. Your dry cleaners in London will ascertain the type of cloth before going for the dry cleaning process.


Dry clean your cashmere or silk  


People think that cashmere, silk, and polyester should be dry cleaned, but you can wash these clothes in the washing machine. Only in certain cases, these clothes should not go through the washing machine process if the materials are made of a special dye or delicately constructed. Again, you should follow the care label for more help. 


Hanging your clothes to dry is the proper way to dry them 


As usual, you should read the care labels on your clothes. People think hanging on the dryline is the best way to dry these clothes, but hanging can stretch the fabric. Avoid drying your clothes on a hanger too, as it can cause damage leaving a hanger mark on the fine and fragile knot. 


Nearest Laundry  is one of the leaders in the dry cleaning industry. With years of experience in dry cleaning, washing, and ironing, we can better comprehend the textures and fabrics and the washing method required. Your clothes will go for dry cleaning only after analyzing the material of the cloth. We ensure whether it requires dry cleaning or simply washing. 


Our motive is to offer the best and highly professionally ordained services, which means neat, and clean clothes ensuring longevity.

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