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Do You Know What is Eco-Friendly Wash Materials?


With all the changes in digital technologies and consumer recommendations, everyone has become more aware of using Eco-friendly products. Nowadays consumer, whether for private or industrial use, is looking out for environmentally friendly products to use for their cleaning or any other needs.

When we research Eco-friendly cleaning products in our Lab, we evaluate them just as we do any other traditional laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, or multi-purpose cleaner. Such as we test each product with the same laundry stains or hand-wash the same dirty dishes to make sure whatever we recommend cleans well, is easy to use, and is labeled responsibly.

What do you mean by ‘Eco-Friendly Elements”?

At the end of the day, almost anything is Eco-friendly, it’s just a matter of time; to a sentence full of platitudes just like the topic itself.  But unfortunately, savvy marketers have been using loopholes to their advantage and if strict labeling laws are in the right place they will continue to do so all time.

What is ’Inherently Eco-Friendly’?

When a product or material is defined as ’Inherently Eco-Friendly’, it means it will be friendly to its natural state, when subjected to sunlight, air, water, and microbial activity from as low as 15% to less than 55% in 25 days.

The followings nature will be found in an Eco-Friendly Product:

  • All are Green products.

  • It does not deplete the ozone layer.

  • They are non-flammable.

  • They do not contain any phosphates or sulfur.

  • They are not harmful to the environment or individuals.

  • Safe to use.

  • Give the expected results that you require.

Now we also verify any types of environmental claims the brand makes. But keep in mind when you are going shopping please clearly identify on the label what makes them eco-friendly and exactly what environmental benefits they provide. If a manufacturing company or industry isn't specific about what makes its product a smart environmental choice, we will not consider it and will claim to be eco-friendly washing and won't recommend it.

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