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Dry Cleaning or Washing – Consider the Better Approach for Clothes


We have now a variety of clothes in our wardrobe and not all are of the same material, and type. Now our clothes are generally synthetic, cotton, woolen, fiber, and even natural. And each cloth requires a different treatment. We are often perplexed on the type of clothes and the washing required, boiling down to its material and choice. Your dry cleaners in London examine the type of cloth and then suggest the requisite dry-cleaning method.

Dry cleaning has been in use since Roman days when people would use ammonia to clean woolen clothes. These clothes would shrink when they are exposed to hot water. People would also use Petroleum-based solvents like kerosene and gasoline for dry cleaning, and these solvents are flammable which people would discontinue for safety concerns. In fact, in the 1930s commercial cleaners would use perchloroethylene also known as perc for dry cleaning. However, now dry cleaners are using eco-friendly products for cleaning clothes.

Many people would wash their cloth in the washing machine, while this is okay, but many clothes are so delicate that they can get spoiled in the washing machine. No doubt, hand washing is very gentle on the clothing and is as effective as washing in the machine.

Let us come back to the point of when to take your clothes to the dry cleaners

While it is possible to get dry clean clothes at home, still there is no surety that your clothes can be in good condition. They will get damaged by how much careful you are while washing them. To bring them to a professional laundry service in London is a viable solution.

So, besides the label, there are other aspects also to look out for to understand when you would like to seek professional help. And the same boil down to the material of the clothes:

  1. There are stains on clothes, but you have no idea how to remove the same
  2. Your clothes have tucks or pleats on them.
  3. Clothes are made of fabric, stabilizers, and types of finishes.
  4. They are made of leather or suede
  5. Expensive and have sentimental value
  6. They have dry transfer stains
  7. Clothes are old and susceptible to damage

Which one you should opt dry cleaning or washing?

  1. Washing does not require harsh chemicals
  2. Water is used to remove the sweat
  3. Washing is a cheap option than dry cleaning
  4. Machine washing is efficient, saves time and energy.

The traditional dry-cleaning method is understood to be more energy-intensive and harmful to the environment. But with the better technology and eco-friendly approach, dry cleaning has become a better approach:

It helps in removing the toughest stains

  1. Can clean garments and material
  2. Increased the life span of the material the cloth is made of.
  3. Clothes get perfectly cleaned

Your clothing is a depiction of your personality and it is your identity, the same should shine after washing or dry cleaning. We at Nearest Laundry inspects the clothes thoroughly and then suggest whether it requires washing or dry cleaning. With the team’s professional hands, your clothes will get the original shine and look.

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