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Five Things Not To Do After Lockdown Ends


The pandemic of corona virus has suddenly brought a lot of changes in the lives of people across the world. Each of us is at home in the process of self-isolation as guided by the governments. While someone is spending a good time at home, some poor people are eagerly waiting for the lockdown to end. You might be planning to meet your friends, go out for shopping etc. Well, it is best and better to take some preventive measures as the chances of contracting the pandemic infection will still be there.

So here are five things you should not do for a few days or months after the lockdown ends.

Ø Don't Stop Wearing a Mask

A practice that has taken the responsibility of protecting you from epidemic infection. The pledge you should take even after the lockdown is over is to wear a mask. After rest you can visit some places where you may be exposed to virus infection. So whether going to a busy place or in the office, there is no harm in using a mask or homemade face mask. To avoid getting sick, continue to use a face mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing, at least for a short while.

Ø Avoid the Holidays

It has been observed that the movement of people from one country to another has contributed substantially to the spread of this disease. Even after the discount, try not to plan any vacation or function for a few months. Just imagine, if the recurrence happens, you will have to quarantine yourself in an unfamiliar country without a quick way to reach home. So it is safe for you to stay at home and stay safe.

Ø Don't go to any bar or club

With the steady increase in the cases of corona virus, you will probably never know who is infected or not around you. At this time, going to crowded places like bars and clubs can increase the risk of virus infection. Therefore, if the lockdown ends, it would be better if the tradition of social distancing should be continued for a few more days & months.

Similarly, avoid throwing big parties, gatherings for family gatherings or gatherings for a few days. Protect yourself and your family as much as possible by avoiding these actions.

Ø Always Wash Your Hands

We have all been asked to follow good hygiene such as washing hands to reduce the risk of experiencing life-threatening illness. So once restrictions are eased, you must continue to follow this hygiene procedure as anyone around you or your company may be at risk of virus infection. Never stop this good habit of washing your hands regularly using sanitizers and others as it will keep you healthy, fresh and fit for long.

Ø Always cover your face while coughing and sneezing

Be sure to cover your face when sneezing or coughing in public. We all know that water droplets are a major and big source of spread of corona virus or any other virus. Therefore, it is always advisable to maintain public hygiene. Always cover your mouth with a tissue, handkerchief or hand and sneeze with folded hands.

We are all confined to our homes during the lockdown and once it is over, we want to regain the freedom to move around. The smart thing to do is to remain cautiously optimistic because we don't know what is and will happen in the future.

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