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Guidelines For Use Of Fabric Softener/Conditioner


Do you know what is fabric softener/conditioner and is it an essential part of laundry? The answer will be yes if you want to make your favorite clothes last that bit longer.

It’s not a bland afterthought at laundry time – it will make your clothes pop, breathe, and shout about your style just like a hair conditioner protects our hair from damage.

What Is The Meaning Of A Fabric Softener/Conditioner?

Are there any differences between fabric softener and conditioner? Fabric conditioner and fabric softener are the same things. These are the magical product that protects the fibers of your clothes and makes them look, smell, and feel fantastic and fresh. 

We do prefer ‘fabric softener/conditioner’ because conditioning the fabric is just one part of caring for your clothes – and there is a lot more to it than that.

How to use fabric softener in the Washing Machine

The fabric softener goes in the detergent drawer compartment marked with a flower symbol, for the front-load washing machines. Take out the required amount of fabric softener and mix it in the drawer before starting the load. For your favorite fabric conditioner, Comfort Ultimate, you’ll need almost 15ml doses per wash. The washing machine will mix the conditioner automatically during the right part of the wash cycle.

For the top-load type machines, take out the required amount of fabric softener and mix it into the dispenser which is usually found in the central column. Then your washing machine will mix the softener automatically.

It doesn’t matter what type of washing machine you have, when it comes to knowing how to use fabric conditioner, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Measure how much fabric softener to use

Most of the fabric softeners are liquid in form and generally arrive with a measuring

cup to help measure the required dose. You can adjust the amount of fabric softener you want to use according to the size of the load of your laundry items.

  • Then start your washing machine and let it do the rest

Pour the fabric conditioner from the measuring cup into the relevant drawer and the machine will automatically mix the softener into the wash during the rinse cycle of it.

How To Use Fabric Conditioner During Hand Washing    

Fabric conditioner/softener  isn’t just for the using items for the washing machines, it can work its magic on your hand-washed clothings too .You just have to be sure to check the care label before you use it. 

  • Normal Wash of the clothes

At first wash the clothes with detergent in a normal way, then drain away the water and refill with clean rinsing water.

  • How to add the fabric conditioner/softener

Add one tablespoon of fabric conditioner/softener with a cup of water and mix the mixture to the water. Please don’t pour the mixture directly on the clothes.

Is a Fabric Softener Is Regular Using Items?

The advantages of fabric softener are that it can be used as part of your normal laundry routine as an easy, convenient mixing that will help you care for your clothes. It can be used on most materials, but there are a few exceptions. It’s advised that you should always check the care labels of your clothes before washing them with fabric conditioner every time.

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