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How Cleaning Service Company Remove Dirt From The Carpet


While vacuuming your carpet is good and better for your health and excessively preventing the carpet from looking dirty and bed, it is extremely important that you schedule a deep and clean cleaning of the deep carpet from time to time. Of course, you can clean, mop and wash the carpet as best you want, but it won't do the job properly and will do more and more damage to your carpet. Since carpets are generally not cheap, they are quite expensive, so you must do some deliberation on how to secure and protect this expensive investment in the interior of your home or office. It is recommended that you take the help of a professional and experienced laundry to get the best cleaning possible without causing excessive damage to your carpet. Just read the document written here, how many times you will need to hire a professional and experienced laundry cleaning service to clean the carpet.


While getting coffee stains or wine stains out of your carpet is a completely different issue and requires different latest and modern equipment, the dirt in your carpet can be made up of three types. .

v regular shit

v footprint

v clay stains

v dust stains

The technique that most people use to deeply clean their carpets at home, called shampooing or vacuuming, is outdated and has very serious disadvantages. First the shampoo is applied on the wet carpet and it takes a long time to air-dry the carpet so it dries in light sunlight. Post drying shampoo leaves residue which becomes extremely difficult to get out completely without damaging the carpet. The residue causes the carpet to become sticky or oily and quickly becomes a source of dust and dirt again. It is because of these shortcomings that experienced professionals almost half a century ago abandoned this latest technology in favor of a technique called encapsulation, which will be discussed below. The following sections discuss in detail about the latest and modern cleaning techniques commonly used by different companies.

1. Encapsulation

Instead of a branded hygienic or ordinary detergent or carpet shampoo, professional cleaners use a synthetic and hygienic detergent also known as foam encapsulation, which crystallizes as quickly as a powder and lifts off the dirt. . The crystallized powder that surrounds the dirt is easily cleaned with a brush or vacuum. Although simple, easy and straight forward, this method is mostly not preferred for heavy and hard soiled carpets.

2. Bonnet Cleaning

This method uses the latest and modern machine to clean the top part of the carpet fibers with a heavy duty volume moisturizer. This machine consists of a spinning pad that is immersed with a cleaning solution or remedy to effectively and effectively absorb dirt while cleaning the fibers. This is a quick fix that cleans the top and bottom surface of the carpet without even going into a deep cleaning.

Since this method involves minimal moisture and therefore dries the carpet as quickly as possible, it is often employed in restaurants and large hotels and tall buildings where heavy foot traffic problems with scuff-like footwear are often encountered. Comes. Since carpets are only cleaned from the top surface and bottom surface, the dirt under the carpet can reappear on the surface after a short time.

Another drawback of this method is that the heavy machine leaves a residue of chemicals on the carpet itself and sometimes the weight of the machine further aggravates the dirt in the carpet.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaning 

This method uses a hot water removal technique where high-pressure hot water loosens the carpet fibers slightly to remove the dirt. Carpet dirt is water soluble and gets removed easily and simply. Most commonly a cleaning agent is applied to the surface of the carpet, the carpet fibers are agitated and disturbed through extremely vigorous brushing, followed by the use of a generous and optimal amount of warm water to clean the chemicals and dirt from the carpet. is done. Most often, organizations use the latest and modern carpet cleaning machines to "wash" the carpet with hot water. It may take a few hours or a little longer for the carpet to dry completely in moderate sunlight.

4. Carpet dry cleaning

A biodegradable compound that acts as a micro sponge or tissue paper to absorb dirt is used in the same method as a cleaning chemical. The cleaning compound is sprayed liberally and carefully over the surface of the carpet, and a motorized counter rotating brush using the latest modern machine helps immensely to push it deep into the carpet. The compound effectively absorbs dissolved dirt and is then easily removed by cleaning the carpet using a carpet cleaning tool. It is a safe, secure and highly effective technology, often used for offices or large buildings that require 24/7 work, as it is quick and involves no drying time Is.

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