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How Do You Clean Your Curtains


Smell is frequently referred to as the strongest sense in humans, and it may reveal a lot about the outside world.

Spruce up your trash can

It's not surprising that your trash can smells bad given the mixture of food crumbs, leftovers, and other junk it contains. Sprinkle baking soda into it as you replace the liner or add a thin coating of baking soda on top of the trash as it builds up to help it smell better. Alternately, add a Fresh Wave deodorizing pack or pod underneath the can's liner. A disinfecting spray should be used to eliminate any lingering odor-producing germs after thoroughly cleaning the lid's two sides and the area around the rim where stinky material splashes and gathers.

Refresh carpets and rugs:

Plush carpets, like other soft surfaces, collect and retain scents, unlike tile and hardwood floors, even after you've cleaned up pet and food accidents. Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet to get rid of them. Use a brush to gently incorporate it into the pile in the trouble spots, and then let it sit there for a half-hour to an hour or more before vacuuming. For the best suction and pickup, be sure to clean your vacuum's dust cup and filter in advance or place them in a clean bag. Mattresses and pet beds can be made using the same technique.

Freshen up your air vents:

DelaCruz advises attaching a car deodorizer, such as this one from Febreze, to the metal slats of the air conditioning and heating vents. The aroma will spread throughout the space as the air moves through. In this manner, you may quickly and easily give your entire home a consistent aroma.

For making a more stylish home, people can use some well-decored curtains.

Curtains can be used to decorate and spruce up your home in addition to blocking the sun. The look of the room is determined by the colors and patterns you used. Additionally, you should be aware that this lovely décor serves as a haven for dust, mites, and other harmful organisms. Every three months, you should clean your curtains. You should pay closer attention if you have asthma or allergies. Dust and other dirt start to circulate throughout the house every time curtains are opened or closed.

Be certain of the curtain fabric and choose the best approach for your curtain before taking any action. If you're unsure or don't want to take a chance, services are available that are reasonably priced and trustworthy. We advise you to choose the sort of cleaning you need before scheduling a session. Choose wet over dry if you have asthma, have children, or are expecting since dry can exacerbate respiratory problems or provoke asthma.

Dry-cleaning only curtains: 

Let's begin with the uncertain one. You should absolutely take them to the dry cleaner. However, if they are outdated and you have already begun to replace them, you can take a chance and wash them. Remember that washing them could utterly damage them. If you choose to take that chance, wash each panel separately in cold water on the delicate cycle. And hang them right away where they belong to prevent creases. Don't air dry them or dry them on a line.

Sheer curtains:

Laundry starch must be added to your load in addition to laundry detergent if you want sheer curtains that are bright and clean. Your curtains will get whiter when you add one cup of laundry starch per load. When washing sheer curtains, keep the water temperature below 30 Celsius and limit the number of spins to 600.


You may use the same process for your shades as you would for sheer curtains. They can be spun 800 times. Don't let the washing machine dry them. Rehang them right away.

There are a few methods for maintaining your curtains' quality in between washes. 

Give curtains a brisk shake before beginning to clean a room to remove dust. Vacuum once the dust has a chance to settle. Use the dust brush on your vacuum to remove all the dirt and dust from your curtain when you do your monthly cleaning. A lint roller can be used to remove pet hair and dust off drapes.

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