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How to Clean and Take Care of Your Winter Coats?


Your winter coats do not come cheap, so it is worthwhile to take adequate care of them. Do not use the washing machine for your winter coats, as you might be left with the destroyed fabric. So the only solution is to take it to dry cleaners in London. However, you can also keep your coat in good shape at home if you have the right process or technique. The best is to read the care label first to find the type of material the coat is made from and then follow the instructions to wash it adequately. 

The first question that could come to your mind is how often you would clean a winter coat? 


It is better to clean coats at least two times in a season. For special-occasion coats, clean them once before storing them for the off-season. Our advice would always be to give to the professional dry cleaners in London to clean your coats. 

The process to clean Wool Coats?

As wool is a natural fibre spun from the hair of sheep or goats, so it is recommended to dry clean the wool coats. It is because the manufacturer uses inter facings and padding to get the shape of tailored wool coats. It is also not possible to wash the inner fabrics. They can get dissolved or misshapen in water. So to get the best results it is always advised to utilize laundry service in London.  However, in case your coat just requires to be freshened or spot cleaned, you can make use of a home dry-cleaning kit.


However, it is not impossible to wash your wool coats at home but if you do it adequately. The three necessary elements required for washing are gentle wool wash or detergent, low water temperature, and gentle agitation.


Pre-treat Stains 

If you have not washed your winter coat all season, you can probably get a few stains from food, dirt, puddle splashes, or armpit sweating. Pre-treat the stains on coats with a stain remover or squirt of Dawn dish soap. Apply treatment to the stain by allowing it to remain soaked for ten minutes before tossing it in the washing machine or scrubbing it with a wet cloth. 


Set the correct cycle and Water Temperature  

Set the washer to the wool or gently cycle it and set the water temperature to lukewarm or cold. If possible, select the final spin cycle to reduce the chances of getting it stretched. 


Add the Wash and Coat  

Put the wool wash and coat according to the instruction, and place the coat in a large mesh washing bag to prevent snags. If you do not have a mesh bag, you can use a white pillowcase and tie the tip closed. 


Air-Dry It 


As soon as the cycle is complete, take out the coat and turn it right side out. Then air-dry the coat by laying it flat on a mesh drying rack or towels. 

To keep your coats in the best condition, wash them separately or with clothes having similar materials. Always try to keep nylon with nylon clothes, wool with wool, fleece with fleece, and so on. 

If you want more cleaning tips, or know how to clean your Jackets, Parkers, Puffer Coats, or other Jackets, reach us at Nearest Laundry. We are your one-stop solutions to clean your clothes to perfect and are one of the leading dry cleaners in London.

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