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How to Clean Carpet


In Steam cleaning and other carpet cleaning methods water is used and this leaves your carpet wet. For this reason, we will give a complete guideline to help you know how to dry clean carpet. 

Many times the drying method isn’t the best option, especially when you expect visitors to knock on your door the next minute. In this emergency time, dry cleaning is the best option to clean the carpet. However, the process of dry clean carpets at home is a query that needs informed answers in order to do it in the right way.

What does it mean by Dry Cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning is the process where the carpet is cleaned with chemical materials, not with water. From the name, we can Understand that dry cleaning involves little to no moisture. There are a number of steps and rules that you can use to dry clean your carpet. 

In this guideline, we will cover the dry cleaning method briefly.

Dry cleaning is the fastest process in that it takes an hour or less than an hour to finish. But there are some advantages of steam washing or washing with shampoo, one of them is doing away with pests within your carpet fibers. 

Some  steps of the Dry Cleaning method

Choosing and Shopping Dry Cleaning Compound

The first step of dry cleaning is to buy the compound for your ideal carpet cleaning process. You can buy dry washing powder, a solvent, absorbent formulation, or even regulated laundry soap. We suggest the dry powder cleaners for their ease of use. But the other substances also work quite fine.

Carpet Vacuuming

The next part is that you need to vacuum in order to do away with dust and other foreign particles within the fibers of your carpet. You have to make sure that you will do it thoroughly and reach all parts of your carpet including the edges and each corner.

Spreading the Compound On The Carpet

For spreading the compound read the instructions on your selected dry cleaning compound. Use the compound according to the instruction. You will just spread the compound on your carpet. To have the compound go deep and absorb all the dirt within the grains of your carpet, ensure you have to leave it to stay for the bound time.

Remove Stains

Give more attention to the stains of the carpet. To ensure the stains removing, use a thistle brush or any other soft brush to push the compound as much as it can enter deep into the fibers. The compound will go on to all the dirt making the stains disappear after cleaning out the compound.

Vacuuming Up the Carpet

At last vacuum up your carpet to get rid of the cleaning powder or compound. To ensure your vacuum thoroughly the carpet to get rid of most of the cleaning powder completely. 

In the places with spots, you can repeat the process to clear out as you applied more powder as initially advised.

By following these steps you can clean your carpet within an hour or less than that. If you don’t want to avoid these kinds of laundry anxiety you can contact us. With our expert cleaners, we will take care of every item of your laundry. Feel free to knock Us.

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