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How to Clean silk and leather items?-


Few materials feel as opulent as silk, which is ideal for breezy summer days due to its soft and airy touch.

How to wash silk

 • To safeguard the goods in the machine, turn them inside out and place them in a mesh bag. Take all items out as soon as the cycle is finished and hang them to dry to minimize creases.

 • Use the mildest cold wash cycle, ideally at 30°C (silk fibers dislike heat), using a mild detergent, and don't forget to set the spin speed to slow. If your washing machine has a "hand wash cycle," it should work with this.

How to dry silk

• Avoid hanging your silk in direct sunlight when drying it since the fibers may become faded. Keep in mind that this rule also applies to storing silk clothing; for best results, keep your silk dress in a dry, dark closet.

How to wash leather

•For tough or oily marks, stains, or odors, warm, soapy water with baby shampoo or a comparable soap is the best cleaning solution. Before rinsing, apply baby shampoo to remove oily stains. Avoid using any cleaning products that leave grease or residue. Leather may become susceptible to germs as a result of residue, which will cause the leather to tan and eventually cause the stitching to unravel. Use a small brush or a towel that has been softly wet to remove any extra cleanser from the stitching.

•To prevent stiffening, be sure to rinse away the soap or shampoo properly.

•Drying leather with direct heat causes harm to the leather and stiffens the hide, hence it should never be done. Before your leather dries, make sure to clean and treat it. Never use heat to dry leather; instead, let it air dry. Also, always stuff the garment as it dries to ensure that it keeps its shape. Instead of dumping leather items at the bottom of the closet, hang them up and make sure they are well-ventilated to avoid molding.

• Purchase a Nubuck cloth (muslin or markin cloth will do as well); it's a terrific leather care tool for cleaning and bringing back the appearance of your item.

• Keep your leather items dust-free at all times and clean them as often as necessary.

• Never clean leather objects with everyday household products or homemade treatments.

How to dry your leather

Regular conditioning, wiping with a moist cloth to remove dirt and grease, and keeping your clothing in a dry environment will help prevent mold growth. Using a moist cloth and soapy water will help you remove dirt, grease, and minor stains. Avoid overwetting the leather and instead blot rather than rub. The leather should be dried naturally, but not for an extended period of time. The same technique can be used to clean linings made of polyester or cotton.

There are some points of the silk and leather's extra caring instruction.

Use a white, soft dust cloth that has been wet to clean your bag.

•Avoid rubbing anything rough or scratchy against leather.

•Only clean dirt or stains from leather using solutions designed for that purpose (we recommend

color lock leather cleaner).

•Never clean leather with household cleaners or solvents.

•When not in use, store your leather item in a dry, well-ventilated space.

•Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures, dampness, or bright sunshine.

•Use a delicate white towel to wipe your leather item dry if it gets wet.

•Products containing mineral or petroleum oils should be avoided because they will eventually

harm your leather goods.

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