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How To Dry Clean Leather Items?


Normal wash and Dry cleaning of leather items is a very specialized or different process, that requires the use of special equipment and chemicals like detergent, soda, chlorine, etc to remove dirt and stains from your leather items. The most common uses of leather are cowhide and sheepskin. Both items can be cleaned by using different methods, that depend on how much care you want to give them.

Leather clothes may damage very soon and can fade away the color of clothes, but if you maintain them regularly it will keep them looking good for years. Use special leather cleaning chemicals or methods. For dry cleaning or fur garments, the cleaning instructions are usually labeled on the tag of the clothes. Follow the tag to dry-clean your leather items!

Leather Dry Cleaning Tips:

There are two normally two ways to dry clean leather stuff:

 1. Steam cleaning: In this method, hot water and a pressurized spray are used that loses up dirt particles from the clothes and then wash them away. This process works best for removing large amounts of dirt or grease from the clothes. It's also very effective in removing stains.

 2. Solvent cleaning: In solvent cleaning solvents are used such as naphtha or trichloroethylene (TCE). These solvents break down the oils and fats from the clothes that hold onto dirt. Naphtha is a petroleum distillate that is used as an industrial cleaner and degreaser. TCE is a toxic chemical that has been banned in many countries because it may be the cause of cancer. It's still legal in some states for its effective result.

First Know Your Leather Items

After buying any leather items first check the label or tag of the items. These care label or tag has everything you need to know, from how to clean or dry clean the items, to how to take care of the leather. 

For Specific items Dry Cleaning(leather) Method:

There are many homemade solutions that can help in eluminating unwanted moisture and dirt from leather items. But these solutions are not appropriate for all types of leather accessories cleaning. In fact, some of the remedies could damage the leather product. That is why we recommended the option to go to an expert who offers both dry cleaning services and leather repair services.

These following tips on a specific item can help you to learn how to clean leather correctly:

How To Dry Clean Leather Shoes at Home?

It is true that cleaning your shoes at home won't help if they're already damaged and afflicted with a permanent stain. But normal dirt and dust can be easily removed at home. This can be the step-by-step guide on how to clean your leather shoes at home:

  • At first, remove the excess dirt from the sole using a soft shoe brush.

  • Then mis some warm water with a small quantity of laundry detergent to make a slightly soapy mixture.

  • Clean dirty areas using a small amount of the liquid soapy mixture.

  • Lastly Dry the shoes at room temperature, not in direct sunlight.

How To Dry Clean Leather clothes?

Leather pants are very fashionable nowadays. It is very fun to wear and also easy to clean. To keep your leather trousers clean and new, read the label or tag carefully.

  • At first, remove the excess dirt from the inside of the pockets using a soft brush or rag.

  • Wash the outside of the pants using a mild detregent solution.

  • Remove excess soap using normal water.

  • Wash the inside of the pockets again using a mild detergent or soap solution with a soft brush.

  • Use the normal water to remove excess soap.

  • At last, let the pants dry naturally.

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