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It's challenging to maintain your shoes spotless without routine cleaning. You'll want to wear those brand-new sneakers outside as soon as you take them out of the packaging because they will attract dirt, mud, scratches, and stains.

We advise proper care and maintenance, which includes cleaning, to keep your sneakers operating at their best for as long as possible. To assist keep their shape during washing, put your shoes in a shoe tree or stuff them with crumpled newspapers before you begin. then begin your task.

With just a few simple actions, you can maintain the cleanliness and freshness of any sneakers or running shoes.

There are a few steps to fixing an outdated white tennis shoe.

We pick up your worn-out shoes, hand-clean them, and then send your freshly laundered shoes.

  • Make a sneaker pickup appointment, and we'll show up at your door at the scheduled time. 

  • Using only natural, gentle materials, and products, we will clean your sneakers.

  • After your sneakers have been cleaned, we will send you an email with before-and-after pictures and a link to set up a time for us to return the shoes to you.

Ready to book your cleaning?