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How to Keep Your Clothes Shiny


Are you tired of wearing dirty clothes? Here we will share some tips and alternatives to keep your clothes bright and white those were long used by our professional experience.

v Use cold water temperature

Washing your dirty laundry with cold water helps to improve the life of the clothes significantly. You can use hot water temperature for tough, stubborn and complex stains but always take care to avoid high temperature water as it can damage the quality of your garment. You can add fabric softener to cold water which will go a long way in making your clothes brighter and shinier.

v Use a few drops of vinegar

Adding a few drops of vinegar to your home laundry wash will prevent your clothes from fading. To keep your clothes shiny, soak them in vinegar water before you wash them for the first time. This process will greatly help the fabric from color fading and will also go a long way in eliminating germs, bacteria.

v Salt water soaking

Eco-friendly salt is a great and better way to keep your gorgeous and precious garment bright. Simply add 1 teaspoon of eco-friendly salt to your regular laundry water, soak the clothes for a night and wash them with hygienic detergent.

v Add baking soda

Baking soda works as a wonder and plays a very important role in regular laundry. It also helps immensely in eliminating bacteria and germs from the fabric.

v Use fabric softener

Make sure you read the label and tag of every garment before using laundry conditioner to see if it is suitable for the fabric. This is a great and better way to keep your clothes soft and shiny.

v Choosing the right load to wash

Choosing the right load for dirty laundry is also an important factor in keeping your fabric fibers strong, like new and shiny. Washing all dirty clothes in one load

v Avoid bleach

Avoid using chlorine bleach which will not only leave your clothes bright and safe but will also spoil the life of the fabric. You can also use vinegar as we have told you in detail about the uses and benefits of vinegar above.

v Deal with blemishes the right way

As we mentioned above that each fabric needs different attention and care. Make sure you use the correct amount of hygienic detergent and read the directions on the stain removal product carefully. Since they may not be safe and protected for every cloth.

Tips for taking care of your clothes.

Ø  Make sure you do all laundry separately, never mix colored clothes with white clothes as it can damage and dirty your white.

Ø  Do not leave washed clothes in the store before ironing them as this can make permanent wrinkles worse.

Ø  Keep your clothes in cotton sheets or clothing or wrap them in cotton sheets as this process will help the moisture escape and attract mildew. Never use plastic bags to store clothes.

Ø  Never hang your clothes in direct sunlight as it can leave a permanent stain or discoloration.

Ø  After drying in the laundry washer, hang the clothes properly on the hanger. Because wet clothes can attract more mildew and wrinkles than dryer clothes.

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