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How to take care of delicate clothes?


Do you know what delicate clothes are?

All fragile fabrics like lace, silk, Wool, knitted items Silk, and Kashmere are delicate types of fabrics. Then there are clothes with sequence and embroidery and ribbon work. These are also delicate types of clothes. Your underwear is to be counted as delicates too.

While you can wash some delicates in the washing machine, many of your items like hand knitted or crocheted fabrics will require hand washing and other special care. Some clothes may require dry cleanings. Don’t ever hand wash or machine wash extra-fine silk, suede, leather, feathers, fur, and other delicate fabrics. Give your delicate clothes the extra care that is needed by following the expert tips.

1. First Read the Label Given On Your Delicate Clothes!

The item’s label is the best place to start for learning how to clean your delicate clothes. Many delicate fabrics like silk, synthetics, and fine knits will have labels that say “normal wash” or “dry clean.” When in doubt, hand or normal washing is the safest way to proceed.  

So do your machine wash delicates or not? The possible answer will be Yes or no. Depending on the material of the clothes. If the label of the clothes says, “dry clean,” you can clean them in the washer and also can wash them in normal water but you have to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions first. If the label of the clothes says, “ only dry clean,” then the clothes should dry clean only. 

So, after buying the clothes read the labels of the clothes carefully so that your clothes do not damage easily.

2. Remove Stains Immediately

To get the best results, remove the stains on delicate clothing as soon as you found them. But before you begin tackling those stains, there are some extra steps that you can take to make stains more removable. You should avoid using a commercial stain remover, especially on silk items. The same method goes for bleach. To remove stains from these types of fabrics you can use a natural stain remover like white vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice. Even with natural cleaners, it’s best to take it slow and use only as much cleaner as necessary to get the job done. 

3. Wash Delicate clothes in the Washing machine in the Right Way

At first, you’ll start by sorting your delicates. But after sorting by color, you’ll need to sort by fabric, too. Don’t add cashmere with lace, knitwear with polyester, etc. If you do so then you can run the risk of your delicates losing their shape and color. But be careful while mixing and delicates with zippers and metal closures together to avoid tearing.

Whether you wash your delicates by normal wash or in your washing machine, the final steps are the same. Wet delicate clothes can easily lose their shape and color if they aren’t allowed to dry in the right way. After washing them, gently reshape your delicate items to get them back to the desired shape, size, and color. Lay them flat in a clean place, a white towel to dry. Once the laying side is almost dry, flip your delicate garment over and let it completely air dry there. 

By following these expert tips for cleaning delicate clothes and making them last longer and look their best. You can take care of cleaning your delicates and let us take care of the rest with our range of expert cleaners.

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