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How To Use Chlorine Bleach In Laundry?


Clean Your Clothes without Hardship-

If anyone mentions laundering with bleach, what scenario does it crave up? Making white dresses more bright and white? Delivering socks from fineness? Or getting bleach stains on your favorite coloring attire?

If you can use bleach in the right way, and with extra care, it can be a miracle for your laundry room.

How To Choose The Right Bleach?

There are normally two types of liquid bleach that are used for laundry.

1. Chlorine Bleach.

2. Non-chlorine Bleach. 

These are also known as oxygen bleach or color-safe bleach. Chlorine bleach is a great material for removing stains and odors on white dresses but can damage colored fabrics by leaving faded splotches or even burning holes. It also has incredible disinfection power.

On the other hand, non-chlorine bleach is typically used to clean or brighten colored or seasonal clothing. To use this bleach at first check the care labels to make sure if it is tolerable to use on your clothing. 

Guidelines to use Chlorine Bleach-

Nothing can eliminate stains and other blemishes on white clothing like old-fashioned chlorine bleach. Since it is also disinfection, it also works better to remove mildew stains and odors. Here are some guidelines that how to use chlorine bleach in your laundry to brighten your white clothing:

1. At first check the garment’s care label to make sure that you can safely use chlorine bleach and that the bleach will not cause any harm or damage to your clothing.

2. Then run your washing machine at the highest temperature setting the clothing according to its label guidelines.

3. Then you have to add your usual laundry detergent.

4. And the last step is to add 3/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach to your washer’s bleach dispenser and wash as usual.

If you want to remove stains by using bleach, then follow these steps:

1. Use a little bleach in a lot of water to make a weak bleach solution.

2. For stain removal, dip a clean, white cloth in the bleach solution and blot the stain.

3. For removing larger stains, dip your garment in the bleach solution.

4. And repeat this step until the stain is eliminated.

As chlorine bleach is a chemical in nature, so it has to be used carefully.

1. Do not apply chlorine bleach directly to your clothing. Always mix it with water before using it as it could cause irreparable harm to your clothes.

2. And never use bleach on wool fabrics or wool-related clothes. The chemicals that are in the bleach will cause serious damage and likely forever ruin your garment.

By following these tips, you are 100% sure to whiten and brighten your clothes with ease!

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