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Ironing vs Pressing The Clothes!


In the industry of ready-made clothing, pressing, also known as ironing, is the most crucial finishing step. It involves applying heat, pressure, and steam to a fabric to eliminate unwelcome creases.

Mention a few steps which help to accurately ironing or pressing:

  • Elimination of unwelcome creases and crinkles: When clothes are made, a variety of unwelcome creases and crinkles appear. These might develop as a result of washing clothes. 

Here, crinkles and creases in the clothing are eliminated by pressing or ironing.

  • Shaping: In clothing, seams and darts are used to properly shape the wearer. Here, pressing is done to use the dart and seam to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the generated shape. For shaping, it may be necessary to shrink or stretch certain garment sections.

  • To add creases where they are needed: In the clothing manufacturing sector, pressing or ironing is used to add a creasing effect to clothing to enhance its beauty. To improve the clothing's appearance and ensure correct sewing, pressing or ironing is also done before sewing.

  • Under pressing: Before sewing the garments, some parts required the least amount of pressing in order for the sewing to go smoothly and beautifully. Under pressing is a process used in the ready-to-wear business to create coats, jackets, and trousers.

  • Final pressing: After the garments are made, final pressing—which takes place before folding—is completed. Here, pressing or ironing is done to enhance the beauty of clothing and give it a flat appearance.

Some Ironing Safety Key Points:

1. Keep young children away from your iron. Because of how hot it is, an iron can seriously hurt kids. Small children should not be given the home duty of ironing. When ironing, you should also keep your iron out of children's reach.

2. Before storing an iron, let it cool for at least 10 minutes. Iron can become quite hot

and could ignite a fire. Turn off the iron after you are done ironing. Before storing the

iron, you should leave it for at least 10 minutes to cool completely.

3. If a burn occurs accidentally, treat it right away. If a burn is treated properly, it will heal more quickly and hurt less. As soon as you or someone else gets burned, place the burned area under 20 minutes of cool running water.

4. On a burn, never apply ice, oil, butter, or soy sauce. Skin injury may result from this.

5. Seek medical help if a burn is larger than a tiny coin.

6. A hot iron should never be left face down. This might result in the iron burning a surface or possibly igniting a fire. If you need to take a break from ironing, always set the iron up straight.

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