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Laundromats over Maids in The Era of Covid-19


COVID-19 as it is known to most of the people around the world is transmitted and transmitted from human to human in various ways. Social distancing seems to be the most effective and best way to control its spread. Various countries went under complete lockdown, with India marking the world's largest lockdown in human history with 1.3 billion people under quarantine. But the question "How long can the lockdown be extended?" But now this question is prevalent all over the world. According to W.H.O, this pandemic is here to stay for a very long time. So, in the end, we all have to learn to live with this pandemic, by following the safest and safest practices to protect ourselves, our families and others.

The laundry industry as well as many others faced severe recession and unemployment in this phase. But as our life gets back on track people will start getting busy and again dependent on outsourcing of maids and various services.

Since washing clothes is one of the essential tasks in everyone's life, we must plan it very carefully. The two most common options around the world to meet this need are Laundromats and maids. So we have to think about which one is safe and which one should we choose.

Ø Maids: pros and cons

As a maid a single person it is easy for us to believe that things are safe but that is not the real issue. Many corona patients are asymptomatic and it is difficult to identify them. Maids move from one house to another, so the chances of them getting corona are very high, as well as touching from one place to another inside your house, they will move from place to place, which increases the risk of spreading covid-19 again. Will go.

By providing maids with masks, gloves and sanitizers’, the risk can be mitigated to some extent. But again the higher the point of contact within your home and the greater the risk outside your home, the greater the disease.

Ø Laundromat: Pros and Cons

Laundromat involves more than one professional person who is not in front of our eyes so it becomes a bit difficult to rely on security but on the other hand they do not enter our house and not different places.

Touch is the only point of contact between us and the laundromat at the time the rider picks up, delivers or through packaging or clothing.

If laundromats are taking the proper steps they can prove to be safer and secure than maids.

v  Masks, gloves and sanitizers to the passengers.

v  Riders must sanitize their hands and themselves after each exchange.

v  -Riders will have to strictly follow social distancing with customers, clients and processing staff.

v  -If customer and any person in clients' family is sick then order should not be taken (customers and clients should mention illness as a social responsibility)

v  -All workers involved in processing must be healthy and fit and wear masks and gloves.

After receiving the clothes, the washing machine must wash the clothes with a pickup bag in a bucket filled with water, detergent and antiseptic.

It is only after this process that the washing machine should open the bag and begin processing as the virus cannot survive mostly with harsh chemicals and antiseptics.

At the time of delivery, the biker should spray the sanitizer over the packaging and then hand over the clothes to the customers and clients.

Although both have their positives and negatives, laundromat maids can prove to be safer and secure than maids if they take proper steps to ensure safety. The basic idea behind all these steps is to ensure that every interaction between customer-rider, rider-clothes, rider-washer, washing machine-clothes, packaging-rider, packaging-customer and clients, etc. is safe and secure.

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