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Major Laundry Mistake And How To Avoid Them


Everyone has different ways of washing their clothes. What's the best way for you? Well, it depends on your daily routine and what you prefer. Some people only use cold water in the washing machine, while others want hot water mixed with bleach or vinegar for maximum disinfecting power. The valuable thing is that you should always follow the instructions on the tag while using any product like branded detergent and fabric softener so that you don't accidentally lose your clothes forever by ruining the chemical balance of your clothing. Below are some dirty laundry mistakes that people often make while doing laundry - these mistakes can ruin the clothes and you may not even wear them again! Just take a look at them.

Common laundry mistakes

1. Not sorting your clothes by color

This may sound like common sense when it comes to laundry, but it's worth mentioning nonetheless. Washing clothes in loads of different colors can easily cause the dye to stain other fabrics and damage the fabric at any time! This happens when dark and light-colored fabrics fight against each other in the machine and chemicals from one color mix with the other, making your whites paler and your darks lighter.

2. Putting Too Much Detergent in Dirty Laundry

Adding too much-branded laundry detergent to the wash will make it useless as it is not completely soluble in water and soap is left behind on your clothes. To make sure you don't waste your precious detergent, always use the recommended dosage of detergent on the package!

3. Using Too Much Bleach or Fabric Softener

Another big and common laundry mistake is that using too much bleach or fabric softener can damage the fabric and this is definitely something everyone should try to protect their clothes from. Sometimes we think that using more of a product or thing will give better results and sometimes we also think that it can get rid of blemishes in a better way, but it never happens. . Keep in mind that fabric softener and bleach are strong and harsh chemicals and can do a lot of damage to your clothes!

4. Not checking coins, keys, and other items in pockets before putting clothes in the wash

Keys, coins, hairpins, and other sharp objects can easily damage your clothing. The best and easiest way to avoid all these things is to check your pockets before doing laundry to make sure there are no objects that could potentially tear your clothes. This will not only help protect your clothes but also protect you from getting injured – who wants to be stabbed with sharp objects while washing your dirty laundry?

5. Not using the proper settings for every fabric type

Each cloth requires separate maintenance for washing and drying. Using the right setting can be a great and easy way to help prevent damage to your clothes! Delicate and light laundry is more likely to get stuck, tangled, or torn on other fabrics during the wash cycle. Make sure you always read the tags, check pockets for items that could injure your clothing, and always use the fabricare setting of the delicate fabric when washing your delicates!

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