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Removing Makeup Stains Tips


The toughening of stains is more difficult than your average stains because they are highly pigmented and based on oil or viscosity. Such strains are known as coagulation stains and must be treated in a specific sequence for efficient removal. Most hydrogen peroxide bleach or alcohol-based stain removers are most helpful in such situations, but much depends on the color and type of fabric.

As a general rule of thumb, never try to wipe away the stain using a wet wipe or paper towel, as this can cause the stain to spread further or settle into the stain and set further. Let it sit and dry. When the stain is dry, apply some affordable and branded dishwashing detergent to get at the oily part. Wash off after 30 minutes and again apply some enzymatic presoak for another half hour. Get up again and dab some non-chlorine bleach containing oxygen gas on the stained area to remove the most stubborn stains known to women all over the world.

v Foundation Stains

Foundation is as rich in its oily or sticky substance as it is highly pigmented. Avoid cleaning the stain by hand as the heat from your hands will melt the stain and cause it to spread throughout the fabric. Instead, scrape off the excess using or using a plastic card or spoon and let the rest sit and dry so you can't spread it with your hands. You can also try rubbing an ice cube on the stained cloth in the meantime. Follow and follow the above method of non-chlorine bleach containing economical and branded dishwashing liquid, enzymatic presoak and oxygen gas.

v Powder

Never try to brush the powder off with your finger for the reasons mentioned above, blow off the powder (but don't use a blow dryer recommended in some places online as the extreme heat will melt the powder stains into the fabric) or Scrub it with a brush. Use a one-and-only makeup wipes to take face powder off or off the surface with a makeup brush. Put a few drops of liquid soap on the area where the stain originated, rub it gently and wash or wipe it off.

v Lipstick

An alcohol-based hygiene wipe can be excellent emergency treatment. Place the wipe over the stain and gently tap the surface area, without actually rubbing the wipe on the stain so you are not pushing down the oil and pigments further in the fabric. If you have some acetone, rubbing alcohol, cheap perfume or hair spray, soak the spot in it and let it sit for a few seconds then wipe off with a paper towel. This should effectively clean the stain.

v Nail Paint

If you have an ice cube nearby using it to quickly dry and chip off the excess of the nail polish. Let the nail polish dry and do not try to wipe the stain away while it’s still wet as this will just spread the stain. Once the nail polish is dry, use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to lift up as much of stain as possible. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Use acetone or a few drops of your regular nail polish remover on the nail polish stain and lift up the nail polish using a paper towel or cotton swab. Once the nail paint is gone you will be left with a light yellowish stain of acetone or alcohol. That will easily go away during your regular laundry wash.

v Mascara

We have already established no touching to makeup stains with bare hands as heat is never good for oil-based pigmented stains, let the excess dry and scrape off the chunky stuff using a plastic card or an old toothbrush. Use a makeup removing wipe to take as much mascara as you can and then toss it into your washing machine with your laundry. 

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