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Wash or Dry Cleaning?


When you have a lot of dresses and need to look sharp, and you are thinking to dry cleaning them, wait a minute!! All types of dresses actually don’t need to be dry cleaned!!! Normal detergent wash is enough for many clothes like shirts, regular wear, t-shirts, and many other this kind of fabrics

Difference between Normal Wash and Dry Cleaning-

The main difference between normal laundry and dry cleaning is ‘Water’.

  • Dry Cleaning: In the Dry cleaning, method nonwatery solvents or liquids are used to clean clothes, rugs, blankets, or any types of bedding rather than water. Water can harm many fabrics like wool, leather, silk type fabrics. So, normally dry cleaning is mainly used for cleaning these types of fabrics.
  • Normal Laundry: Water and other laundry items are used to clean in this method. If your dresses are dirt with normal sweat, oils, dust, or light dirt then Normal wash is for your dresses.

Why Normal Wash?

Normal wash is more effective than dry cleaning to remove light dust, oils, and sweat from fabrics. Shirts should be dry cleaned if there is any heavy soiling or stains. But water wash with detergent is a better solution for removing regular dirt, dust, or body fluids. The harsh chemicals that are used in dry cleaning sometimes cause damage to the fabrics. 

So, when you will decide on the washing process, read the label of the dress: if it doesn’t say “Dry Clean Only,” then decide ‘Normal wash and Fold’. The clothes will be happy for you.

Why Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is an ideal cleaning method for wool, silk, leather, and these types of delicate fabrics. If you wash wool or leather fabrics in normal water then it can cause the garment to shrink, fade, or lose its shape. 

But if the cotton shirt or these kinds of clothes are dirt with heavy soil and stain then dry cleaning is mandatory. Because before dry cleaning your dresses in the laundromat, the experts examined the stains and fabrics types and if the stain is heavy then they decide to dry clean the garments. 

An important part is if the source of the stain is known then choosing the right solvent to remove the stain will be easy and will be less harmful to the fabric. The clothes will be long-lasting.

Your clothing is a reflection of your personality and it is your identity, the same should shine after washing or dry cleaning. We at Nearest Laundry inspect the clothes thoroughly and then suggest whether it requires washing or dry cleaning. With the team’s professional hands, your clothes will get the first shine and appearance.

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