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Ways To Make Cloth Last Longer


The longer your clothes last, the more money you have in your pocket! There are many ways you can avoid color loss, shrinkage, tearing and stretching; here are some of our tips for maintaining the best quality of your wardrobe. Take a look at them

vFocus on the best quality of clothing

It doesn't mean that you need to spend more on more expensive clothes, you can buy cheap rupee jeans and expensive rupee jeans and the only difference can be the name of the brand! Just pay close attention to the fabric, seams, zippers and buttons, all these details tell how long the item will last. For example, thinner fabrics such as chiffon and silk are more sensitive and delicate to rips and snags, and clothing from fast-fashion brands is specifically made to last only a short time and is mostly low-end. The clothes use substandard quality material. Invest in items that you know are well made and can be worn as many times as possible. Shoes, coats, suits, jeans, leather coats and blouses are all great staple pieces that should be of absolutely supreme quality compared to a tank top or a pair of shorts.

vFollow the care instructions

Each clothing item will have care and maintenance instructions on the tags and labels, they just aren't provided for good reading! These instructions are vital to maintaining the best quality of your clothing. Follow the directions more carefully if one of your gorgeous garments says to "dry-clean only," which doesn't mean hand-washing and hanging to dry at home, using dry-cleaner solvents and special chores. Make use of latest and modern equipment like wet cleaning system which cannot be replicated at home. Check the label and tag before you buy a pricey and luxurious garment, and read through. If you don't think you can take care of the item and garment by following the recommended directions, it's probably best to find something made from a different fabric. And a good suggestion.

vFind a tailor

Have you ever wondered how many times you've broken a zipper, lost a button too many times, or ripped a seam and thrown out a good piece of clothing? It's a common misconception that changing clothes is expensive, but small fixes are usually much more economical! If you spend money on an item that you absolutely love, why not spend a little extra to make it last for a very long time? And the changes don't just stop at clothing, shoes and handbags can be repaired too, sometimes these small changes can make a whole lot more improvement to the best quality than what you originally bought! 

v   Store clothing properly

The way you store your clothes can help keep your clothes looking better, feeling better, fresher and smelling better. Here are just 4 easy and simple ways you can maintain the best quality of your clothes:

Fold Heavy Garments- Thick, heavy and heavy sweaters should always be folded and kept on the shelf to avoid stretching and wrinkles. Most wool sweaters are prone to tearing from the hanger when hung, folding thick and bulky sweaters can seem like a daunting task, but it is the best and best way to prevent your heavy and bulky clothes from losing their shape.

Invest on proper hangers- Wooden soft padded hangers not only help in maintaining the shape of your gorgeous and precious garment, but they also prevent clothes from slipping at times and also from creating a mess at the bottom of your wardrobe Huh!

Give Your Clothes Space – If you find yourself pushing your clothes to one side of your closet with all your might, it may be time to explore other options for storing clothes. Is. When clothes are packed tightly together, the messy result is the fear of flaking, wrinkles and even discoloration of the fabric.

Remove the packaging after dry cleaning – It is very important that once you have received dry, fresh and clean clothes from your cleaner, you should remove the packaging from the clothes forever. Fabric has a high need to breathe air and in a sealed environment it can permanently damage your gorgeous and precious garment. If you still want to pack them, using paper/newspaper is a better suggestion and option. 

v   Last but not least – find a trusted green dry cleaner

Your dry-cleaner will be your secret and great weapon when it comes to making your gorgeous and precious clothes last longer. However, you need to make sure that you find the best quality cleaner that you can blindly trust. There are many cleaners out there that are still not using 100% eco-friendly products and methods and are polluting the environment. These chemicals can not only damage your clothes and degrade your clothes, but they can also prove to be very harmful to your skin, health and the environment. Nearest Laundry uses 100% eco-friendly cleaning methods, and always does your bit to save the planet by using less plastic and more paper bags.

Its laundry has also invested in state-of-the-art and latest technologies to ensure best quality clean-up, quick turnaround time and convenience. And we don't just stop at dry-cleaning, we also provide laundry service! Find a dry cleaner that offers top-notch services at a reasonable and affordable price so that you can really make use of their expertise and experience and ensure that every item you have is properly cared for and maintained is being done properly or not. Lastly, few things become super convenient if your dry cleaner has a mobile app.

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