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What Is Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning?


As our understanding of technology and the human impact on the climate has evolved enormously, so has the dry cleaning industry. These developments have brought innovative, latest and modern solutions to a service that dates back to the 1500s. Professional and experienced laundry and dry cleaning services continue to improve today to provide the best quality cleaning services for our clients and clients, while minimizing our impact on the planet. How has dry cleaning service changed - and what is eco-friendly dry cleaning? Please read below for more details!

Advances in Cleaning Solutions

One of the biggest areas of improvement in the dry cleaning service sector industry is taking in solutions available for cleaning. The earliest cleaning solutions contained ammonia derived from urine – but rest assured and relaxes! We have come a long way from there. Later solutions were based on gasoline and presented a huge human health and safety protected risk that resulted in the devastating and damaging fires of the early 20th century. Today, most dry cleaners rely heavily on a cleaning agent called tetrachloroethylene, also known as perchloroethylene or "perk", which has been the preferred cleaning liquid of almost all dry cleaners for almost a century.

But developing cleaning solutions is still ongoing. Today, eco-friendly dry cleaners use safe, non-toxic solvents that are just as effective as cleaning with perk. Some of the more environmentally friendly solvents available include hydrocarbons and siloxanes, and many other gases. However, the most environmentally friendly cleaning liquid on the market is carbon dioxide. Dry cleaning has always been an industry that relies on science and chemistry and skills to create effective, safe and secure solutions. Today, these high-tech cleaning solvents go a long way in maintaining the best quality clean while minimizing potential impacts on human health, safety, hygiene and the environment.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

In addition to the new, latest and cutting edge cleaning solvents and chemical compounds that immensely help your cleaner go green without sacrificing the best quality, some time-tested alternative cleaning tips can also help reduce our carbon footprint. Is doing. Advances in technology have made it highly possible to achieve the dry cleaning effect on delicate, precious and luxurious fabrics by wet cleaning your clothes professionally and experientially. The machines available at the company of professional and experienced cleaners are highly customizable, latest and modern qualified, allowing them to clean your clothes in water based solution at precise and proper temperature and with advanced and proper settings to protect and clean your clothes. Huh. Wet cleaning uses mild and branded detergents and washers under the supervision and care of a cleaning professional and experienced to clean clothing without chemicals. Wet cleaning cloths produce wastewater, but it is the most reasonable and energy-efficient way of cleaning clothes on the market.

You can gently wash most of your clothes at home and hang them to dry. Give these clothes to a professional dry cleaner for a professionally pressed and crisp look. In addition to your time and attention during the procedure, the biggest downside to laundry is increased use of household water and wastewater. Overall, the best and best suggestion is to trust a professional and experienced dry cleaner with your clothes - and reduce water usage and waste and dirty water build-up at your home.

Reducing Waste and Landfill Space

Be more environmentally aware the work we are doing with your dry cleaners is reducing your waste and using up landfill space. Our free pickup and drop service, for example, uses reusable bags that drastically reduce plastic waste. We can also use reusable hangers in place of single-use wire and cardboard to reduce the number of hangers in our facility and your wardrobe going from your home to the landfill. These measures and suggestions are helping us immensely in reducing the damage to our environment and encouraging sustainable practices.

Professional Dry Cleaning at Nearest Laundry

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