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Why You Should Dry Clean You're Wedding Dress


Your wedding day was the best day of your life and will preserve you precious memories for years to come. Although your precious and gorgeous wedding dress also spent your best and beautiful day with you, she might not be inclined to retain your memories for years.

We're discussing those grass stains, red wine stains, splashes of sauce, gravy, or grease, spilled cocktails, perfume, mascara, and makeup residue from the endless tears of family, relatives, relatives, friends, and coworkers. The sun is shining, and also discussing the damage done to the stitches. As soon as you hit the dance floor, your very own precious and opulent outfit, crunched with your heels.

Many new brides like to keep their precious and gorgeous wedding dress clean and very well protected for the future, and the best way to do that is to have it taken to the nearest laundry by our group of professional and experienced bridesmaids. Must be professionally cleaned.

Buttons, pearls, lace and bows

Delicate buttons, beads, lace and bows

We understand how delicate, precious and gorgeous your wedding dress can be. You may have chosen beautiful pearl buttons, fine lace layers, and jewelry embellishments that can be delicate and heavy and on the whole, there is a possibility of skin peeling, breakage.

Very careful dry cleaners often don't protect these delicate touches carefully enough to not help make your wedding dress precious and gorgeous. However, our friendly team at Dry Cleaning in London is very knowledgeable, professional and experienced in taking good care of wedding dresses, which is great for you because your clothes are delicate, precious and the sumptuous embellishments are often irreplaceable.

We take special care to remove any delicate buttons and jewelry before deep cleaning and putting them on afterward. However, we will take great care to do a thorough calculation before agreeing to dry clean your precious, gorgeous and beautiful wedding dress and let you know if we think there will be any problems with this procedure.

Our team has vast experience in dry cleaning a number of designer wedding dresses, antique and vintage wedding dresses and wedding gowns that are family heirlooms passed down through generations. Your wedding dress of precious, gorgeous and beautiful is in safe hands with us!

Special treatment for wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are usually high to high quality garments that use natural fabrics and natural materials, such as bone, shell or skins, for buttons. These natural materials can be delicate and soft and can easily chip, tear or crack even when wearing such a garment.

Replacing buttons that are made using natural materials can be extremely pricey, so it's best not to damage them in the first place and that's why we'll remove any buttons that we think will damage during the dry cleaning process. Might arrive but don't worry - we'll get your clothes cleaned and put them back in place.

Wedding dress dry cleaning is a very gentle yet effective way to remove tough stains like champagne, red wine and other wine, food or drink stains. We use the least amount of harmful chemicals in our dry cleaning procedures, so you’re precious, gorgeous and beautiful wedding dress will be protected in great and stunning condition.

After a careful dry and deep cleaning, your wedding dress will be hand-pressed by our skill pressers and your dress will be returned to you by putting it in a protective garment bag or wedding dress box.

Find out more about our Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service Provider. If you'd like to talk to us about how we can help keep your wedding dress safe and protected, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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