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Press Only

Press Only

If you want to reduce the burden of your household chores, give us your clothes to press. You will get the perfect ironed clothes or sheets. We are offering this exclusive services for our elite clients whose tight schedule makes it difficult for them to press their clothes especially sheets. We use the steam iron press to remove the tough wrinkles from the clothes and sheets.

Our professional hands press the clothes in record time, ensuring there are no creases left and clothes look fresh. We use the high tech iron machines with very little exposure to heat, leaving the softness of clothes intact. 

Why You Need Our Press Services 

You wake up in the morning to get ready for the office but you find that the dress which you tend to choose has all wrinkles in it, and you have no time. It is a very puzzling situation. Advice is get all your clothes that you will be wearing whole week duly pressed from us and hang the same in your wardrobe. You will save yourself the hassle of pressing the clothes each night or morning.

We use the latest and best presses for the process that ensures there is minimum exposure to heat. Too much heat can burn the cloth or part of it. Press when set to the proper temperature retain the softness of clothes. 

Get your clothes pressed for formal wear, and causal. With the proper pressing equipment and expert hands we ascertain proper finishing. You will get the clothes delivered at your address, fresh, crisp, and wrinkle-free. Our services are quite affordable too.

Our offerings are:

·         Shirts

·         Trousers

·         Skirts

·         Jacket

·         Tops

·         Sheets

What are the Benefits You Will Get From Iron Pressing

·         You will get the wrinkle-free clothes and neat and clean attire. 

·         Remove those sticky chewing gums from clothes.

·         If you are in clothing industry you can use pressing irons to create patterns like pleated skirts.

·         We use high tech electric and steam irons that heat up quickly and we can set the desired temperature.

·         A very hassle free process.

Now DIY pressing is a hassle free process but by availing our services you can save both your time and money.

Sundays are fun days then why to make these days boring, ironing the clothes and sheets at home. Schedule the time with us, and our men will collect the clothes from your place, do the pressing wit perfectness, properly and professionally fold each cloth and deliver the same just on time at your mentioned address.

Make a smart move, contact us right now. 

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