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Separate Wash &  Fold

Separate Wash & Fold

We have special section for the washing and tumble dry services of the clothes. We wash the  clothes  at 30C, and temperature is set at medium for tumble-dry.  After tumble dry, clothes are folded professionally before dispatching at your address.

It is a simple and most loved services and an ideal way for casual clothing including undies, PJs, gym gear and other clothes. If the care label instructions states the clothes can be washed at 30 C, we do it.

We will thoroughly check the material and colour of the clothes before washing and separate the them before the same get into tumble dry. Not all clothes require the same treatment, so we first examine the texture and then decide to do the requisite.

Special care is taken to clean the towels and beddings.

A check list on what clothes should be tumble dried and what should not?

Any clothing that displays the tumble dry symbol can easily get into the tumble dryer. While it is best that you dry your clothes on the washing line outside or indoors on clothes horse, but many clothes can easily get tumble dried.

Avoid tumble dry for silk garments, wool jumpers, and bras.  These clothes could easily get damaged in the machine, and the material could get weakened. Silk also shrinks in high temperatures and wool can left piled. Bras also shrink and wired bras might lose the shape.

So we take care that no cloth that has chance of getting spoiled get into the tumble dryer.

Our teams professional eyes never  betray or  show negligence in their duty. We perform each step judiciously and hand the clothes back to the clients only after thorough investigation.

So rest assured your clothes are in trusting hands. Call us to fix the time to collect the clothes from your door step. Our men will collect the clothes from you, and you will receive the neatly washed and dried clothes on time.

Laundry is boring but it is not when we are with you for the services.

If you want to know more about our services contact us. 

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